Who is Sheldon Adelson?

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Who is Sheldon Adelson? | What is The Emergency Committee For Israel (ECI)?

You may have never heard of him before the 2012 election, but Sheldon Adelson's name is popping up everywhere. Why should you care about Sheldon Adelson when it comes to Israel policy and politics? Check out our these facts below.

Did you know?

  • Sheldon Adelson is a billionaire casino mogul who told the Wall Street Journal that radical Islam and legislation making it easier for workers to join unions were the two greatest “fundamental threats to society.”

  • Adelson owns the far right-leaning Israeli daily Israel Hayom. Israel Prize laureate Nahum Barnea said: “The Adelson phenomenon is not healthy for Israeli society and Israeli democracy.”

  • Adelson has invested $60 million in the 2012 election thus far, including $10 million to Newt Gingrich and $10 million to Karl Rove's advocacy group, Crossroads GPS. He has pledged another $10 million to an organization founded by the Koch Brothers.
    [New York Times Editorial, 6/23/12]

  • Adelson Praised Gingrich’s Claim that Palestinians are an “Invented People.” Addressing a Hanukkah celebration for hundreds of youths visiting Israel as part of the Taglit Birthright program, Adelson said, “Read the history of those who call themselves Palestinians, and you will hear why Gingrich said recently that the Palestinians are an invented people. There are a number of Palestinians who will recognize the truth of this statement.”
    [Haaretz, 12/27/11]